Classmark Title / Author
HB615X The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses / Eric Ries
Z116.A3.W5X Knowledge Production Contradictory Functions in African Higher Education / Nico Cloete, Peter Maasen and Tracy Bailey
A100.577 Collins GEM dictionary : French-English, English-French, Franðcais-Anglais, Anglais-Franðcais / Pierre-Henri Cousin. / Coussin and Collins
A100.B1X Very short introduction to everything, A / Ball, Philip et. al.
A100.C51X Collins paperback French dictionary : French-English, English-French /
A100.O867XX Cambridge English / Cambridge University Press
A100.OXF The Oxford Spanish minidictionary : Spanish-English, English-Spanish, Espaänol-Inglâes, Inglâes-Espaänol / Christine Lea. / Lea Christine
A100.S1Xb Oxford pocket school thesaurus / Spooner, Alan.
A110.5.M65X The Chicago guide to communicating science / Montgomery, Scott L.
AC30.E48 1982X Ideas and opinions / Albert Einstein. / Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
AC35.E526 Ideas and opinions / by Albert Einstein. Based on Mein Weltbild, edited by Carl Seelig, and other sources. New translations and revisions by Sonja Bargmann. / Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
AC35.E526 Ideas and opinions. Based on Mein Weltbild, edited by Carl Seelig, and other sources. New translations and revisions by Sonja Bargmann. / Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
AZ221.V36 1990 A history of knowledge : past, present, and future / Charles Van Doren. / Van Doren, Charles Lincoln, 1926-
B53.A23 Man is the measure : a cordial invitation to the central problems of philosophy / Reuben Abel. / Abel, Reuben, 1911-
B1649.R93.B375 1987 Bertrand Russell on ethics, sex, and marriage / edited by Al Seckel. / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.
B1649.R93.U5 Unpopular essays. / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970
BC108.B4313X Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth / Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadimitriou
BC108.B4313 100 games of logic / Pierre Berloquin ; foreword by Martin Gardner ; drawings by Denis Dugas. / Berloquin, Pierre.
BD221.B64 2006 Fear of knowledge : against relativism and constructivism / Paul A. Boghossian. / Boghossian, Paul Artin.
BD581.H85 2006 Infinite nature / R. Bruce Hull. / Hull, R. Bruce.
BD632.L46 2003 Travels in four dimensions : the enigmas of space and time / Robin Le Poidevin. / Le Poidevin, Robin, 1962-
BF63.D8X A path to modern Mathematics / W.W. Sawyer
BF63.D9X Readings in Mathematics / Irving Adler
BF63.D10X A concise history of mathematics / Dirk J. Struik
BF63.D11X The phychology of learning Mathematics / Richard R. Skemp
BF63.D14X Mathematics and the imagination / Edward Kasner and James Newman
BF241.M67 2003 The space between our ears : how the brain represents visual space / Michael Morgan. / Morgan, Michael J. (Michael John), 1942-
BF378.A87.D7313 2004 Why life speeds up as you get older : how memory shapes our past / Douwe Draaisma ; translated by Arnold and Erica Pomerans. / Draaisma, D.
BF441.D3837 2000 New thinking for the new millennium / Edward de Bono. / De Bono, Edward, 1933-
BF575.F14.H35 2009 Why we make mistakes : how we look without seeing, forget things in seconds, and are all pretty sure we are way above average / Joseph T. Hallinan. / Hallinan, Joseph T.
BF637.S4.B79 2002 What should I do with my life? / Po Bronson. / Bronson, Po, 1964-
BF637.S8.C67 1991 Principle-centered leadership / Stephen R. Covey. / Covey, Stephen R.
BF637.T5.A45 2001 Getting things done : the art of stress-free productivity / David Allen. / Allen, David, 1945 December 28-
BF1409.5.B7613 2009 Exposed! : ouija, firewalking, and other gibberish / Henri Broch ; preface by Georges Charpak ; translated by Bart K. Holland. / Broch, Henri.
BF1990.A63854 2005X The Tomb of God, Unlocking the code to 2000-year-old mystery / Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger
BH301.N3.B37 2005 The artful universe expanded / John D. Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
BH301.N3.B37 2005 The artful universe expanded / John D. Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
BJ1311.W14 2006 Primates and philosophers : how morality evolved / Frans de Waal ; edited and introduced by Stephen Macedo and Josiah Ober ; Christine M. Korsgaard ... [et al.]. / Waal, F. B. M. de (Frans B. M.), 1948-
BL53.C49 2000 How to know God : the soul / Chopra, Deepak.
BL53.C49X Six Feet Over: Adventures in the Afterlife / Roach, Mary
BL53.C50 1997 The Path to Love: Spiritual lessons for creating the love you need / Deepak Chopra
BL53.C50X Six Feet Over: Science tackles the Afterlife / Roach, Mary
BL53.C51 1998 The Poisonwood Bible / Barbara Kingsolver
BL240.2.F44 1994 The fire in the equations / Kitty Ferguson. / Ferguson, Kitty.
BS230.1994X Holy Bible / English Standard Translation/ Collins
BS230.1994 La Sainte Bible / traduite d'apres textes originaux hebreu et grec par Louis Second. / None
BV3790.R295 2004 Why revival tarries / Leonard Ravenhill. / Ravenhill, Leonard.
BV4501.3.A78 2002 Pilgrim / Arrington, Lael F., 1951-
BX385.A8.N6 Mount Athos, by John Julius Norwich and Reresby Sitwell; with photographs by the authors and A. Costa. / Norwich, John Julius, 1929-
49 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
CB161.L365 2006 The chaos point : the world at the crossroads / Ervin Laszlo. / Laszlo, Ervin, 1932-
CB161.R38 2003bX Our final century : a scientist's warning : how terror, error, and environmental disaster threaten humankind's future in this century - on earth and beyond / Martin Rees. / Rees, Martin J., 1942-
CPB Box no. 202 vol. 1 The riddle of the third mile / Colin Dexter. / Dexter, Colin.
CPB Box no. 2604 vol. 17 Night shift / Nora Roberts. / Roberts, Nora.
CPB Box no. 3684 vol. 2 Seeds of Earth / Michael Cobley. / Cobley, Michael.
CPB Box no. 3796 vol. 14 The ascendant stars / Michael Cobley. / Cobley, Michael.
CT100.F1X Prof : the life of Frederick Lindemann / Adrian Fort. / Fort, Adrian.
CT1828.C478.A3 1992 Wild swans : three daughters of China / Jung Chang. / Chang, Jung.
CT1929.L56.M37 1998 AVL : a man of his times / Madeleine Masson. / Masson, Madeleine.
D352.9 Debates with historians / Pieter Geyl. / Geyl, Pieter, 1887-1966.
D424.M3513 2007X The Bridge, A journey between orient and Occident / Geert Mak
D445.C7355 2009 In mortal hands : a cautionary history of the nuclear age / Stephanie Cooke. / Cooke, Stephanie.
D810.C88.C66 2006X Colossus: Bletchley Park s Greatest Secret / Paul Gannon
D810.C88.C66 2006 Colossus : the secrets of Bletchley Park / None
DA33.S4 1066 and all that; a memorable history of England, comprising all the parts you can remember including one hundred and three good things, five bad kings and two genuine dates, by Walter Carruthers Sellar ... and Robert Julian Yeatman ... illustrated by John Reynolds ... / Sellar, Walter Carruthers, 1898-
DA591.W5.F62 The politics of Harold Wilson. / Foot, Paul, 1937-
DB2740.B6713 1999X Conversations in Bolzano / Sandor Marai
DS527.8.T47 1994 The lost heart of Asia / Colin Thubron. / Thubron, Colin, 1939-
DT38.9.S6.S685 2007 South Africa in Africa : the post-apartheid era / edited by Adekeye Adebajo, Adebayo Adedeji and Chris Landsberg. / None
DT434.E22.M6 Die verhaal van suid-africa / Wilhem Grutter
DT711.F48X Agypter and Babylonier / Johannes Lehmann
DT711.F48 South West Africa. / First, Ruth, 1925-1982.
DT746.B87 Southern Africa stands up : the revolutions in Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Namibia, and South Africa / by Wilfred Burchett. / Burchett, Wilfred G., 1911-
DT848.C53.A53 1984 Tim Anderson's 52 day-walks in and around Cape Town / maps by Peter Slingsby. / Anderson, Tim (Timothy W.)
DT848.C53.A53X1 day walks in and around cape town / Tim anderson
DT848.C53.A53X Mike Lundy's best walks in the Cape Peninsula. / Lundy, Mike.
DT1787.R67X Invictus / John Carlin
DT1949.M35.A3X Influencer / Kerry Patterson,Joseph Grenny,David Maxfield,Ron McMillan and Al Switzler
DT1949.M35.A3 Long walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. / Mandela, Nelson, 1918-
DT1949.M35.A4X The war of the end of the world / Mario Vargas LLosa
DT1949.T87.A3 Nothing but the truth : behind the ANC's struggle politics / Ben Turok. / Turok, Ben, 1927-
DT1975.Z37 2000 The devil made me do it : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & Guardian, and Sunday Times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
DT2405.C366.B74 1997 The spirit of District Six / photographs by Cloete Breytenbach, text by Brian Barrow. / Breytenbach, Cloete.
DT2405.C366.K858 1997 The golden years : a postcard memoir of the Kalk Bay- Muizenberg municipality, 1895-1913 / Michael Walker. / Walker, Michael, 1939-
DT2990.F85 2001 Don't let's go to the dogs tonight : an African childhood / Alexandra Fuller. / Fuller, Alexandra, 1969-
DT2996.H55 2005 What happens after Mugabe? / Geoff Hill. / Hill, Geoff, 1956-
E100.W1X The Brethren : inside the Supreme Court / Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong. / Woodward, Bob.
E178.Z76 2000 NEW AGENDA: Present realities facing the future electorate / IFAA
E178.Z77 1996 Another Kind of One Nation: Young South African Writing / Linda Rodes, Hans Bodenstein
E185.97.M38.A3 1989 Kaffir boy in America : an encounter with apartheid / Mark Mathabane. / Mathabane, Mark.
E302.J54 The portable Thomas Jefferson / edited and with an introd. by Merrill D. Peterson. / Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
E743.5.S37 1998 Many are the crimes : McCarthyism in America / Ellen Schrecker. / Schrecker, Ellen.
E842.9.C46 2010 Head shot : the science behind the JFK assassination / G. Paul Chambers. / Chambers, G. Paul, 1957-
E902.C47 2003X American Dream/ Global nightmare / Ziauddin et al.
44 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
E902.C47 2003 Hegemony or survival : America / Chomsky, Noam.
F2326.V542.A15 1986X Gabriel Garcia Marquez / El amor en los tiempos del colera
G2568.W4E635.M3 2004 Western Cape / MapStudio. / Map Studio (Firm)
GA110.R52 Map projections for geodesists, cartographers and geographers. By Peter Richardus and Ron. K. Adler. / Richardus, P.
GB5018.M34 2002 A guide to the end of the world : everything you never wanted to know / Bill McGuire. / McGuire, Bill, 1954-
GB5018.M34 2006 Global catastrophes : a very short introduction / Bill McGuire. / McGuire, Bill, 1954-
GB5018.M34 A guide to the end of the world : everything you never wanted to know / McGuire, Bill, 1954-
GC28.P37 2010 The power of the sea : tsunamis, storm surges, rogue waves, and our quest to predict disasters / Bruce Parker. / Parker, Bruce B.
GE149.S64 2004 Red sky at morning : America and the crisis of the global environment / James Gustave Speth. / Speth, James Gustave.
GF1.S35 Science magazine: State of the planet / Donald Kennedy
GN289.R45 Reflections of our past : how human history is revealed in our genes / John H. Relethford. / Relethford, John.
GV706.8.B373 2012 Mathletics : a scientist explains 100 amazing things about the world of sports / John D. Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
GV1439.W35.A3 2007X The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Pertformance / Josh Waitzkin
GV1507.C7.N44X Crossword Book 11 / Browne, Richard
HA29.H82 How to lie with statistics. Pictures by Irving Geis. / Huff, Darrell.
HB72.N37 Economics and the crisis of ecology / Narindar Singh. / Narindar Singh.
HB701.P78 What is property? / Proudhon, P.-J. (Pierre-Joseph), 1809-1865.
HB849.53.E53 2004 The end of world population growth in the 21st century : new challenges for human capital formation and sustainable development / edited by Wolfgang Lutz, Warren C. Sanderson, and Sergei Scherbov. / None
HC60.B7338 2006 Aid and influence : do donors help or hinder? / Stephen Browne. / Browne, Stephen.
HC60.R455 2006 Relationships for aid / edited by Rosalind Eyben. / None
HC79.E5.B7595 Plan B : rescuing a planet under stress and a civilization in trouble / Lester R. Brown. / Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-
HC79.E5.P667 2005 Capitalism as if the world matters / Jonathon Porritt. / Porritt, Jonathon.
HC79.P6.R44 2006 Escaping poverty's grasp : the environmental foundations of poverty reduction / David Reed. / Reed, David, 1948-
HC107.C2.H5334 2005 The silicon eye / George Gilder. / Gilder, George F., 1939-
HC260.E5.E36 2006 The economics of climate change : Stern review on the economics of climate change. / None
HC503.S65.A25R Educating the Other, gender, Power and Schooling / Carrie Paechter
HC503.S65.A25S Multicultural Education, The interminable debate / Sohan Modgil, Gajendra K. Verma, Kanka Mallick, Celia Modgil
HC503.S65.A25T Education into the 21st Century / Alison Mackinnon
HC503.S65.A25U Reader Development and Reading Promotion / D. Mtshweni, V. Chetty, D. Botta, S. McMurray
HC503.S65.A25V Guide to academic writing / University of Wester Cape
HC503.S65.A25X Foreign Affairs / Helen Bianchin, Michelle Reid, Anne Mather
HC503.S65.A25YNose Noise / Jonathan Myerson
HC503.S65.A25Z Les Sagesses Antiques / Michel Onfray
HC800.A5427 1998X Freedom TO Innovate / Calestous Juma and Ismail Serageldin
HC905.D477 1993 Development and reconstruction in South Africa : a reader / [Ben Turok... et al.]. / None
HC905.R68 2002 Everyone's guide to the South African economy / Andre Roux. / Roux, Andre, 1959-
HC905.T87 Beyond the miracle : development and economy in South Africa : a reader / by Ben Turok ; [edited by Mary Turok]. / Turok, Ben, 1927-
HC905.W39 2008 Wealth doesn t trickle down / Ben Turok
HD30.28.O778 2010 Business model generation : a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers / written by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur ; design, Alan Smith ; editor and contributing co-author, Tim Clark ; production, Patrick van der Pijl ; co-created by an amazing crowd of 470 practitioners from 45 countries. / Osterwalder, Alexander.
HD30.28.S3479 2003X Inevitable surprises : thinking ahead in a time of turbulence / Peter Schwartz. / Schwartz, Peter, 1946-
HD4901.D35 2009 The pleasures and sorrows of work / Alain de Botton. / De Botton, Alain
HD9000.5.S454 Stolen harvest : the hijacking of the global food supply / Vandana Shiva. / Shiva, Vandana.
HD9259.B3.U523 2007 Jungle capitalists : a story of globalisation, greed and revolution / Peter Chapman. / Chapman, Peter, 1948-
HD9651.9.D8.K56 2002 DuPont : from the banks of the Brandywine to miracles of science / Adrian Kinnane. / Kinnane, Adrian.
HF1040.9.D44.R62 Stolen fruit : the tropical commodities disaster / Peter Robbins. / Robbins, Peter, 1946-
HF1359.S65 2002 George Soros on globalization / Soros, George.
HF1379.R57 The Rise of merchant empires : long-distance trade in the early modern world, 1350-1750 / None
HF1418.5.S75 2002 Globalization and its discontents / Joseph E. Stiglitz. / Stiglitz, Joseph E.
HF1419.5.S75 2004X The roaring nineties : seeds of destruction / Joseph E. Stiglitz
HG151.D54 1997 A dictionary of finance and banking. / None
HG151.D54 2003 The Penguin International Dictionary of Finance / Graham Bannock and William Manser
HG173.R37 2007 Plight of the fortune tellers : why we need to manage financial risk differently / Riccardo Rebonato. / Rebonato, Riccardo.
HG3881.5.W57.M35 The world's banker : a story of failed states, financial crises, and the wealth and poverty of nations / Sebastian Mallaby. / Mallaby, Sebastian.
HG4521.T675 2006 Rule #1 : the simple strategy for successful investing in only 15 minutes a week! / Phil Town. / Town, Phil.
54 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
HM136.R8 1995 Authority and the individual / Bertrand Russell ; with an introduction by Kirk Willis. / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.
HM213.Y6 The rise of the meritocracy, 1870-2033 : an essay on education and equality / Michael Young. / Young, Michael Dunlop, 1915-
HM535.B47 Damned lies and statistics : untangling numbers from the media, politicians, and activists / Joel Best. / Best, Joel.
HM585.B35 2004 Critical mass : how one thing leads to another / Philip Ball. / Ball, Philip, 1962-
HM846.S362 2015 Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / Bruce Schneier. / Schneier, Bruce, 1963-
HM846.S362 2015 Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / Bruce Schneier. / Schneier, Bruce, 1963-
HN18.3.W55 2004 50 facts that should change the world / Jessica Williams. / Williams, Jessica, journalist.
HQ751.E8X Eugenics: the future of human life in the 21st century. / Galton, David
HT687.S35 Disciplined minds : a critical look at salaried professionals and the soul-battering system that shapes their lives / Jeff Schmidt. / Schmidt, Jeff, 1946-
HV5801.E393 2005 Matters of substance drugs--and why everyone's a user / Griffith Edwards. / Edwards, Griffith.
HV8073.T56 2006 Postmortem : how medical examiners explain suspicious deaths / Stefan Timmermans. / Timmermans, Stefan, 1968-
HV9850.5.B59 1998 No one to blame? : in pursuit of justice in South Africa / George Bizos. / Bizos, George.
HV9850.5.B86X Robben Island / Charlene Smith
HV9850.5.B86 Robben Island and prisoner resistance to apartheid / Fran Lisa Buntman. / Buntman, Fran Lisa, 1965-
HV9850.5.R43 Reflections in prison / edited by Mac Maharaj. /
HX833.K65213 The conquest of bread and other writings / Peter Kropotkin ; edited by Marshall Shatz. / Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, 1842-1921.
JC262.E413 The political illusion. Translated from the French by Konrad Kellen. / Ellul, Jacques.
JF1351.A35y 1970c Bureaucracy. / Albrow, Martin.
JN1129.L32.W43 Arguments for socialism / Tony Benn ; edited by Chris Mullin. / Benn, Tony, 1925-
JQ1981.G53X South Africa, Land of challenge / Maurice Tyack
JZ1318.E349 Future positive : international co-operation in the 21st century / by Michael Edwards. / Edwards, Michael, 1957-
JZ1318.G55662 2006 How to spend $50 billion to make the world a better place / edited by Bjrn Lomborg. / None
K1401.GR 2012 University intellectual property: a source of finance and impact / Graham Richards
KTL2064.51996.A6 The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 / South Africa.
LG411.C2.P47 1993 The University of Cape Town 1918-1948 : the formative years / Howard Phillips ; assisted by the research of H.M. Robertson. / Phillips, H., Ph. D.
LG411.C25.W3 The South African college and the University of Cape Town, written for the university centenary celebration by Eric A. Walker. / Walker, Eric A. (Eric Anderson), 1886-
ML3795.E98 Music and Social Movements / Ron Eyerman and Andrew Jamison
N72.S3.K39 2006 Seen/unseen : art, science, and intuition from Leonardo to the Hubble telescope / Martin Kemp. / Kemp, Martin.
N76.W4 Symmetry. / Weyl, Hermann, 1885-1955.
N7430.5.F52X 100 essential things you didn / John D. Barrow
N7430.5.F52 The invention of infinity : mathematics and art in the Renaissance / Field, Judith Veronica.
NC745.H6 1971 Mathematics in art. / Holt, Michael.
P100.H1X The old man and the sea / Ernest Hemingway. / Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.
P106.C5 Language and symbolic systems. / Chao, Yuen Ren, 1892-1982.
P119.32.E54.I3 2000X Focus on English 10 / CL BAM, JP Theron, CN Webster
P128.F67.K8 Formalization of natural languages / Peter Kummel. / Kummel, Peter, 1932-
P1038.C5 The decipherment of linear B / by John Chadwick. / Chadwick, John, 1920-
PA6484.G69 2011 The swerve : how the world became modern / Stephen Greenblatt. / Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943-
PC1640.C63 1968 Compact English-Italian dictionary. Piccolo dizionario italiano-inglese. / None
PC4641.L3 English - Portuguese; Portuguese - English. / Lamb, N. J.
PE1404.L53 2001 A rhetoric for writing teachers / Erika Lindemann with Daniel Anderson. / Lindemann, Erika.
PE1460.W675 1989.PE1464X Good Word Guide: Answers Everyday Language Problems / Martin H. Manser
PE1628.F6 1964 The concise Oxford dictionary of current English, edited by H. W. Fowler and F. G. Fowler. Based on the Oxford dictionary. / Fowler, H. W. (Henry Watson), 1858-1933.
PE1628.O94X Concise Edition: French-English English-French Dictionary / Geddes and Grosset
PG1038.26.A88.A27 2003 Capriccio for Goya / selected poems by Konstantin Pavlov ; translated from the Bulgarian by Ludmilla G. Popova-Wightman. / Pavlov, Konstantin.
45 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
PG3421.O813 2009 Fathers and sons / Ivan Turgenev ; translated by Peter Carson ; with an introduction by Rosamund Bartlett ; and an afterword by Tatyana Tolstaya. / Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.
PG5039.21.U6.N413 The unbearable lightness of being / Milan Kundera ; translated from the Czech by Michael Henry Heim. / Kundera, Milan.
PJ6307.K3 v.3 Arabic language and grammar. / Kapliwatzky, Jochanan.
PL858.G37.H3513 2009 The housekeeper and the professor / Yoko Ogawa ; translated by Stephen Snyder / Ogawa, Yoko, 1962-
PN1661.E5 1960 The art of dramatic writing: its basis in the creative interpretation of human motives. With an introd. by Gilbert Miller. / Egri, Lajos.
PN1995.9.S26.P47 2007 Hollywood science : movies, science, and the end of the world / Sidney Perkowitz. / Perkowitz, S.
PN1998.A3.W447 1985 Orson Welles, a biography / by Barbara Leaming. / Leaming, Barbara.
PN4731.H297 Journalism : truth or dare? / Ian Hargreaves. / Hargreaves, Ian.
PN6790.S644.M332 Crouching madam, hidden maid / [Stephen Francis & Rico]. / Francis, S. (Stephen)
PN6790.S644.M336 The Madam & Eve collection / S. Francis, H. Dugmore & Rico. / Francis, S. (Stephen)
PN6790.S644.M445 The madams are restless / by S. Francis, H. Dugmore & Rico. / Francis, S. (Stephen)
PN6790.S644.M3375 Madam & Eve, the maidtrix / by Stephen Francis & Rico. / Francis, S. (Stephen)
PN6790.S644.N123 Siddhartha: An Indian Poem / Hermann Hesse
PN6791.Z35X The hole truth : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & guardian, and Cape argus / Zapiro ; foreword by Desmond Tutu. / Zapiro.
PN6791.Z36X The Girl Who Played with Fire / Stieg Larsson
PN6791.Z37X The devil made me do it : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & Guardian, and Sunday Times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
PN6791.Z38X Dr. Do-Little and the African potato : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & guardian and Sunday times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
PN6791.Z50X Zapiro : long walk to free time : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & Guardian and Sunday Times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
PN6791.Z348X Call Mr. Delivery : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & guardian, and Sunday times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
PN6791.Z365X Bushwhacked : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & Guardian, and Sunday Times / Zapiro. / Zapiro
PN6791.Z385X End of part one : cartoons from Sowetan, Mail & guardian, and Sunday times / Zapiro. / Zapiro.
PQ1275.F65X Les mineurs du dsert / Mtiers d
PQ1275.F65 French stories. Contes franðcais. Stories in the original French, with translations, critical introductions, notes, and vocabulary by the editor. / Fowlie, Wallace, 1908- ed.
PQ1426.A3.D8 Aucassin et Nicolette. âEd. critique. Chronologie, prâef., bibliographie, traduction et notes par Jean Dufournet. / Jean Dufournet
PQ1831.A3.M3 1972 Dom Juan; ou, Le festin de pierre. / Moliáere, 1622-1673.
PQ2036.A3.G3 1966 Les Confessions. Avec une notice...une etude generale...une analyse methodique...par Jacques Gautreau... / Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778.
PQ2081.A235 Romans et contes / Voltaire ; chronologie, prâeface et notes par Renâe Pomeau. / Voltaire, 1694-1778.
PQ2081.A236 1998 Enfant noir / Camara Laye
PQ2081.A237 2007 L ombre du vent / Zafon, Carlos Luiz
PQ2081.A238 So long a letter / Ba, Mariama
PQ2081.A239 Half of a yellow sun / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
PQ2216.A57X Aventures prodigieuses de Tartarin de Tarascon. Chronologie et prâeface par Geneviáeve van den Bogaert. / Daudet, Alphonse, 1840-1897.
PQ2631.A26.Z55 1975 Le Temps des secrets / Marcel Pagnol, .... / Pagnol, Marcel, 1895-1974.
PQ2637.A274.P437 Le petit prince / Antoine de Saint-Exupâery ; avec les desins de l / Saint-Exupâery, Antoine de, 1900-1944.
PQ2663.A78.E3613 2006X Please, Mr. Einstein / Jean-Claude Carriere
PQ2663.A78.E3613 2006b Please, Mr Einstein / Jean-Claude Carriere ; translated from the French by John Brownjohn. / Carriere, Jean-Claude, 1931-
PQ4862.A6745.S4513 2004 Without blood / Alessandro Baricco ; translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. / Baricco, Alessandro, 1958-
PQ4872.E8.Z835 1997 Primo Levi / a cura di Marco Belpoliti. / None
PQ6352.M455 2010 Miguel de Cervantes / None
PQ7297.R89.A6 1983 Pedro Paramo ; El llano en llamas y otros textos / Juan Rulfo. / Rulfo, Juan.
PQ9698.13.O3546.A4513 1995X The alchemist / Paulo Coelho ; translated by Alan R. Clarke. / Coelho, Paulo.
PR401.F45.EV74 Janet Evanovich Finger / Lickin
PR888.F3.A234 2005X Harry Potter En die beker vol vuur / J.K Rowling
43 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
PR2807.W4564 2006 William Shakespeare / None
PR4622.A7 1994b The adventures of Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle. / Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.
PR4746.A2.T39 1998 Jude the obscure / Thomas Hardy ; edited with an introduction and notes by Dennis Taylor. / Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.
PR6005.L36.L37 2009 The last theorem / Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl. / Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008.
PR6005.L36.T56 2004 Time's eye / Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. / Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008.
PR6013.O35.L6 1954 Lord of the flies, a novel. / Golding, William, 1911-1993.
PR6052.A485.C6 Consider Phlebas / Iain M. Banks. / Banks, Iain.
PR6054.E96.A6 1991 The second Inspector Morse omnibus / Colin Dexter. / Dexter, Colin.
PR6054.O23.C48 2004X Churchill / Dobbs, Michael, 1948-
PR6055.R7.M5 1994 Midnight is a lonely place / Barbara Erskine. / Erskine, Barbara.
PR6056.A27.C75 2002b The crimson petal and the white / Michel Faber. / Faber, Michel.
PR6056.R456.S43 2004 Secret smile / Nicci French. / French, Nicci.
PR6056.SX Soul Mountain / Gao xingjian
PR6058.I448.A8 1996X One Small Step? The great Moon hoax and the race to dominate earth from space / Wisnewski, Gerhard
PR6059.S5.A89 1986 An artist of the floating world / Kazuo Ishiguro. / Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1954-
PR6061.E88.R33 1998 Rachel's holiday / Marian Keyes. / Keyes, Marian.
PR6062.E33.M57 2006 The mission song / John le Carre. / Le Carre, John, 1931-
PR6062.E33.S49 1999 Single & single : a novel / John Le Carre. / Le Carre, John, 1931-
PR6063 C326.T4 2003 Tears of the giraffe / Alexander McCall Smith. / McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
PR6063.A7637.D76 1999 The drowning people / Richard Mason. / Mason, Richard, 1978-
PR6063.C219.C58 1999 The client / John Grisham ; retold by Janet McAlpin. / McAlpin, Janet.
PR6063.C326.N6 2002 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency / Alexander McCall Smith. / McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
PR6063.C326.N6X The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency / Alexander McCall Smith. / McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
PR6063.U7.Z583 1999 Elegy for Iris / John Bayley. / Bayley, John, 1925-
PR6064.A6.S53 2003 Shattered icon / Bill Napier. / Napier, Bill.
PR6066.U44.H55 2003x The science of Philip Pullman's His dark materials / Mary & John Gribbon ; with an introduction by Philip Pullman. / Gribbin, Mary.
PR6070.R57.C46 1992 The choir / Joanna Trollope. / Trollope, Joanna.
PR6073.E753.D8 1992 A dubious legacy / Mary Wesley. / Wesley, Mary, 1912-2002.
PR6101.L45.B75 2003 Brick lane : a novel / Monica Ali. / Ali, Monica, 1967-
PR6103.L375.J65 2004 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell / Susanna Clarke ; illustrations by Portia Rosenberg. / Clarke, Susanna.
30 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
PR6103.O29.O77 2012 The orphaned worlds / Michael Cobley. / Cobley, Michael.
PR6112.E895.S47 2005 A short history of tractors in Ukrainian / Marina Lewycka. / Lewycka, Marina, 1946-
PR6119.E35.T79 2016 Try not to breathe : a novel / Holly Seddon. / Seddon, Holly, author.
PR9199.3.M8.D43 2012 Dear life : stories / Alice Munro. / Munro, Alice, 1931-
PR9199.3.S514.U55 2002 Unless / Carol Shields. / Shields, Carol.
PR9367.3.S6.M63 2002 Modern South African stories / edited by Stephen Gray. / None
PR9369.3.C58.D8 1998 Dusklands / J.M. Coetzee. / Coetzee, J. M., 1940-
PR9369.3.H4.M37 1995 Maru / Bessie Head. / Head, Bessie, 1937-
PR9369.3.N37.F6 1983 Fools and other stories / by Njabulo S. Ndebele. / Ndebele, Njabulo S. (Njabulo Simakahle)
PR9387.9.O394.F3 1993X The famished road. / Okri, Ben.
PS100.S1X The grapes of wrath / John Steinbeck ; with an introduction by Robert DeMott. / Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.
PS2612.A3 Selected tales / edited with an introduction and notes by David Van Leer. / Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.
PS3511.A86.Z585 1991X Requiem for a Nun / Faulkner, William
PS3537.T3234.P4 2000X The pearl / John Steinbeck. / Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.
PS3550.A1.P75 1996 Primary colors : a novel of politics / Anonymous. / d
PS3552.O84.M37 1992 Mars / Ben Bova. / Bova, Ben, 1932-
PS3552.R2147.R385 2007 The Ravenscar dynasty / Barbara Taylor Bradford. / Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-
PS3552.R2147.T6 1988 To be the best / Barbara Taylor Bradford. / Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-
PS3552.R685434.D33895 2006 The Da Vinci question / James Emery White. / White, James Emery, 1961-
PS3553.H537.E55 2013 Enigma of China / Qiu Xiaolong. / Qiu, Xiaolong, 1953-
PS3553.L245.H8 1984 The hunt for Red October / Tom Clancy. / Clancy, Tom, 1947-2013.
PS3554.E82.I54 2006 The inheritance of loss / Kiran Desai. / Desai, Kiran, 1971-
PS3554.I227.R43 1997 The red tent / Anita Diamant. / Diamant, Anita.
PS3554.O9745.U63 2000 Uncle Petros and Goldbach / Doxiadåes, Apostolos K., 1953-
PS3556.A3654.L55 1997 Likely to die : a novel / Linda Fairstein. / Fairstein, Linda A.
PS3557.O35926.M45 1997 Memoirs of a geisha : a novel / by Arthur Golden. / Golden, Arthur, 1957-
PS3558.A716.B46 2013 Benediction / Kent Haruf. / Haruf, Kent.
PS3561.A476.L6 1998 Los Alamos : a novel / by Joseph Kanon. / Kanon, Joseph.
PS3561.A476.L6X Implosion at Los Alamos : how crime, corruption and cover-ups jeopardize America / Glenn A Walp
PS3561.I483.D86 2008 Duma Key / Stephen King. / King, Stephen, 1947-
PS3563.C337.R63 2008 The road / Cormac McCarthy. / McCarthy, Cormac, 1933-
PS3566.A647.T86 Tunnel vision / Sara Paretsky. / Paretsky, Sara.
PS3568.I577.I85 2014 Islands of Rage & Hope / John Ringo. / Ringo, John, 1963- author.
33 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
PS3568.I577.S77 2015 Strands of sorrow / John Ringo. / Ringo, John, 1963- author.
PS3568.I577.T6 2014 To sail a darkling sea / John Ringo. / Ringo, John, 1963-
PS3568.I577.U53 2013 Under a graveyard sky / John Ringo. / Ringo, John, 1963-
PS3569.A287.C6 1985 Contact : a novel / Carl Sagan. / Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996.
PS3606.O38.E97 Extremely loud & incredibly close / Jonathan Safran Foer. / Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977-
PS3613.A45.S47 2004 Serving crazy with curry : a novel / Amulya Malladi. / Malladi, Amulya.
PS3615.V4745.B33 2016 Baby doll / Hollie Overton. / Overton, Hollie, author.
PS3619.E26.L68 2004 The lovely bones : a novel / Alice Sebold. / Sebold, Alice.
PS3623.A7323.Z46 2013 Men we reaped : a memoir / Jesmyn Ward. / Ward, Jesmyn.
PS8576 A7651.L53 2002b Life of Pi : a novel / Yann Martel. / Martel, Yann.
PT2613.R338.I413 2002 Crabwalk / Gunter Grass ; translated from the German by Krishna Winston. / Grass, Gunter, 1927-2015.
PT2681.E18.A9513 2002 Austerlitz / W.G. Sebald ; translated from the German by Anthea Bell. / Sebald, Winfried Georg, 1944-
PZ2.3.W36.J36 Jane Eyre / Charlotte Brontèe ; retold by Ann Ward. / Ward, Ann, 1941-
PZ3.A93.N44.PR4034.N7 Northanger Abbey; edited with an introduction by Anne Henry Ehrenpreis. / Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
PZ3.C551205.Ex Expedition to earth : and other science fiction stories including The sentinel / Arthur C. Clarke. / Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917-
PZ3.D772.Re26.PR4622.R48 The return of Sherlock Holmes. / Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930.
PZ3.G8319.Bu2.PR6013.R44 A burnt-out case / Graham Greene. / Greene, Graham, 1904-
PZ3.O793.Ni2.PR6029.R8 Nineteen eighty-four, a novel. / Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
PZ3.S8195.Tor9.PS3537.T3234 Tortilla flat. Original illus. by Paul Gaisford. / Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.
PZ3.S65594.Be.PR9369.3.S56 The beadle, by Pauline Smith. / Smith, Pauline, 1883-1959.
PZ4.L9696.Ni.PS3562.U752 The ninja : a novel / by Eric Van Lustbader. / Lustbader, Eric.
PZ4.L9696.Ni.PS3562.U752 The ninja : a novel / by Eric Van Lustbader. / Lustbader, Eric.
PZ4.S69.On6.PG3488.O4 One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich [by] Alexander Solzhenitsyn; translated by Gillon Aitken. / Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-2008.
PZ4.T655.Le The leopard [by] Giuseppe di Lampedusa. Translated from the Italian by Archibald Colquhoun. / Tomasi di Lampedusa, Giuseppe, 1896-1957.
PZ7.C83157.Po 2005 The power of one / Bryce Courtenay. / Courtenay, Bryce, 1933-2012.
PZ7.W7234 1990 The Wind in the willows. Home sweet home / retold from the original story by Kenneth Grahame. / None
PZ7.W7234X Home / Marilynne Robinson
PZ7.W7235 2000 ANIL'S GHOST / Ondaatje, Micheal, 1943-
PZ7.W7236 1990 The Fiction Factor / David Levey
PZ8.3.H7799X Enough: Breking free from the world of more / Naish, John
Q41.G75 2005 The fellowship : the story of a revolution / John Gribbin. / Gribbin, John, 1946-
Q54.A29.B47 2009 The Accademia del cimento and its European context / Marco Beretta, Antonio Clericuzio, Lawrence M. Principe, editors. / Beretta, Marco.
Q100.4.C3.B8285X Small world : uncovering nature / Buchanan, Mark.
Q100.P1X The road to reality : a complete guide to the laws of the universe / Roger Penrose. / Penrose, Roger.
Q110.B1X The next fifty years : science in the first half of the twenty-first century / edited by John Brockman. / None
Q125.R38 Tongues of conscience: war and the scientist's dilemma [by] R. W. Reid. / Reid, Robert William.
Q127.E8.C67X The Egg and Sperm Race: The Seventeenth-Century Scientists Who Unravelled the Secrets of Sex, Life and Growth / Cobb, Mathew.
Q127.E8.K75 2006 American hegemony and the postwar reconstruction of science in Europe / John Krige. / Krige, John.
Q141.S285 Science, not art : ten scientists' diaries / edited by Jon Turney ; photographs by Hugo Glendinning. /
39 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
Q150.B1X When we were kids : how a child becomes a scientist / edited by John Brockman. / None
Q150.W1X Everything and more : a compact history of [infinity symbol] / David Foster Wallace. / Wallace, David Foster.
Q162.C459 2010 The matchbox that ate a forty-ton truck : what everyday things tell us about the universe / Marcus Chown. / Chown, Marcus.
Q162.F574 How to dunk a doughnut : the science of everyday life / Len Fisher. / Fisher, Len.
Q162.M45 1988 The game of science / Garvin McCain, Erwin M. Segal. / McCain, Garvin, 1922-
Q171.E35 New pathways in science. / Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1882-1944.
Q171.R96 1924b Icarus; / Russell, Bertrand Russell, 3d earl, 1872- [from old catalog]
Q171.W419 Facing up : science and its cultural adversaries / Weinberg, Steven, 1933-
Q172.5.C45.G75 2004 Deep simplicity : chaos, complexity and the emergence of life / John Gribbin. / Gribbin, John R.
Q173.B55 2002X The big questions in science / edited by Harriet Swain. / None
Q175.52.U5.M66 2005 The Republican war on science / Chris Mooney. / Mooney, Chris (Chris C.)
Q175.B2245 1998 Impossibility : the limits of science and the science of limits / John D. Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
Q175.C6155 2006 From cosmos to chaos : the science of unpredictability / Peter Coles. / Coles, Peter.
Q175.E3 1929 The nature of the physical world, / Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1882-1944.
Q175.H43 Models and analogies in science, by Mary B. Hesse. / Hesse, Mary B.
Q175.P75 Science and hypothesis / Poincare, Henri, 1854-1912.
Q175.P8822 1984b Order out of chaos : man's new dialogue with nature / Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers ; foreword by Alvin Toffler. / Prigogine, I. (Ilya)
Q180.55.D57.W35 2004 Fabulous science : fact and fiction in the history of scientific discovery / John Waller. / Waller, John, 1972-
Q223.V66 2004X Information : the new language of science / Hans Christian von Baeyer. / Von Baeyer, Hans Christian.
Q295.W3 1977 Tools for thought / C. H. Waddington. / Waddington, C. H. (Conrad Hal), 1905-1975.
Q303.B1X The history of the calculus and its conceptual development. (The concepts of the calculus) / with a foreword by Richard Courant. / Boyer, Carl B. (Carl Benjamin), 1906-
Q335.C375 1998 The Cambridge quintet : a work of scientific speculation / John L. Casti. / Casti, J. L.
Q335.W446 2015 What to think about machines that think : today's leading thinkers on the age of machine intelligence / edited by John Brockman. / None
QA3.W67 1988 v.2 The World of mathematics : a small library of the literature of mathematics from Ah-mose the scribe to Albert Einstein / presented with commentaries and notes by James R. Newman. / None
QA3.W67 1988 v.3 The World of mathematics : a small library of the literature of mathematics from Ah-mose the scribe to Albert Einstein / presented with commentaries and notes by James R. Newman. / None
QA3.W67 1988 v.4 The World of mathematics : a small library of the literature of mathematics from Ah-mose the scribe to Albert Einstein / presented with commentaries and notes by James R. Newman. / None
QA5.C53X Collins Dictionary of Mathematics / E.J. Borowski & J.M Borwein
QA5.C53X Collins Dictionary of Mathematics / E.J. Borowski & J.M Borwein
QA5.S375 1994 The words of mathematics : an etymological dictionary of mathematical terms used in English / Steven Schwartzman. / Schwartzman, Steven.
QA7.S38 Mathematical essays and recreations, by Hermann Schubert ... From the German by Thomas J. McCormack. / Schubert, Hermann, 1848-1911.
QA7.T772 The essential Turing : seminal writings in computing, logic, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and artificial life, plus the secrets of Enigma / edited by B. Jack Copeland. / Turing, Alan Mathison, 1912-1954.
QA7.TP Three plays / willis hall, michael hastings and doris lessing
QA8.4.D37 The mathematical experience / Philip J. Davis, Reuben Hersh ; with an introd. by Gian-Carlo Rota. / Davis, Philip J., 1923-
QA8.4.M365 2005 Methodological frame of the field / Manu. / Manu, 1946-
QA8.7.B67 2009 The computer as crucible : an introduction to experimental mathematics / Jonathan Borwein, Keith Devlin ; with illustrations by Karl H. Hofmann. / Borwein, Jonathan M.
QA8.B les saintes ecriture / None
QA8.GE Greg Egan / None
QA8.SA South africa / None
QA9.8.H63 Godel, Escher, Bach : an eternal golden braid / Douglas R. Hofstadter. / Hofstadter, Douglas R., 1945-
QA9.8.H677g Gèodel, Escher, Bach : An eternal golden braid / Douglas R. Hofstadter. / Hofstadter, Douglas R., 1945-
QA9.E Emergence / john H.Holland
QA10.L life assurance in our language / brian truran
QA10.P The pearl / John steinbeck
QA10.P 1986 Pearl / Anne Ruck
QA11.2.D4814X The Millennium problems : the seven greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles of our time / Keith Devlin. / Devlin, Keith J.
45 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QA11.2.W45X Girls into maths can go / Leone Burton
QA11.G the gambia slave river / None
QA11.H86 1991X National curricula in mathematics / Geoffrey Howson
QA11.L36 Learning and the nature of mathematics. Edited by William E. Lamon. / Lamon, William E.
QA12.M the mystery of the flying express / franklin w. oixon
QA20.C65.P36 1993 Mindstorms : children, computers, and powerful ideas / Seymour Papert. / Papert, Seymour.
QA21.G695 1997 The Fontana history of the mathematical sciences : the rainbow of mathematics / Ivor Grattan-Guinness. / Grattan-Guinness, I.
QA21.H76 1949 Makers of mathematics. / Hooper, A. (Alfred)
QA21.S3 A short history of mathematics, by Vera Sanford ... under the editorship of John Wesley Young, with an introduction by David Eugene Smith. / Sanford, Vera, 1891-
QA21.S3 A short history of mathematics, by Vera Sanford ... under the editorship of John Wesley Young, with an introduction by David Eugene Smith. / Sanford, Vera, 1891-
QA26.T45 100 years of mathematics / Temple, George Frederick James, 1901-
QA28.B4 v1X Men of mathematics, by E. T. Bell. / Bell, Eric Temple, 1883-1960.
QA28.B4 v2X Men of Mathematics / Eric Temple Bell
QA29.C353.W55 2008 Lewis Carroll in numberland : his fantastical mathematical logical life : an agony in eight fits / Robin Wilson. / Wilson, Robin J.
QA29.E68.H64 1998 The man who loved only numbers : the story of Paul Erdos and the search for mathematical truth / by Paul Hoffman. / Hoffman, Paul, 1956-
QA29.G3.R3713 Carl Friedrich Gauss : 1777-1977 / Karin Reich ; translated by Patricia Crampton. / Reich, Karin, 1941-
QA29.G25.I5 1978 Whom the gods love : the story of âEvariste Galois / Leopold Infeld. / Infeld, Leopold, 1898-1968.
QA29.G25.I5X 1978 When God was a Rabbit / Sarah Winman
QA29.H58.J47 1999 Squaring the circle : the war between Hobbes and Wallis / Douglas M. Jesseph. / Jesseph, Douglas Michael.
QA58.H5813 A history of algorithms : from the pebble to the microchip / Jean-Luc Chabert (ed.) ; [authors, âEvelyne Barbin ... et al. ; English translator, Chris Weeks]. /
QA76.6.F557 1998 The computational beauty of nature : computer explorations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation / Gary William Flake. / Flake, Gary William.
QA76.8.L46.F47 A computer called LEO : Lyons teashops and the world's first office computer / Georgina Ferry. / Ferry, Georgina.
QA76.17.E88 Jacquard / James Essinger
QA76.17.E88 Jacquard / Essinger, James, 1957-
QA76.D348 1997 Beyond calculation : the next fifty years of computing / Peter J. Denning, Robert M. Metcalfe ; foreword by James Burke. / Denning, Peter J., 1942-
QA93.A287 2002 1089 and all that : a journey into mathematics / David Acheson. / Acheson, D. J.
QA93.A287 1089 and all that : a journey into mathematics / David Acheson. / Acheson, D. J.
QA93.P385 1995 A mathematician reads the newspaper / John Allen Paulos. / Paulos, John Allen.
QA93.P385 2003 A Mathematician Plays the Market / John Allen Paulos
QA93.S74 1987 The problems of mathematics / Ian Stewart. / Stewart, Ian, 1945-
QA93.S737 1995 Nature's numbers : the unreal reality of mathematical imagination / Ian Stewart. / Stewart, Ian, 1945-
QA95.G333 1983 Wheels, life, and other mathematical amusements / Martin Gardner. / Gardner, Martin, 1914-
QA95.K3 1970 Math menagerie, by Robert R. Kadesch. Drawings by Mark A. Binn. / Kadesch, Robert Rudstone, 1922-
QA95.M4 Mathematical excursions; side trips along paths not generally traveled in elementary courses in mathematics, by Helen Abbot Merrill. / Merrill, Helen Abbot, 1864-1949.
QA95 Mathematical puzzles and diversions / Martin Gardner. / Gardner, Martin, 1914-
QA99.G37 Are universes thicker than blackberries? : discourses on Gèodel, magic hexagrams, Little Red Riding Hood, and other mathematical and pseudoscientific topics / by Martin Gardner. / Gardner, Martin, 1914-
QA141.5.B45 2010 Alex's adventures in numberland / Alex Bellos ; illustrations by Andy Riley. / Bellos, Alex, 1969-
QA166.W37 Six degrees : the science of a connected age / Watts, Duncan J., 1971-
QA171.5.G43 Theorie der Verbande. / Gericke, Helmuth.
QA243.C756 The sensual (quadratic) form / John H. Conway ; assisted by Francis Y.C. Fung. / Conway, John Horton.
QA244.S56 1998 Fermat s last theorem : the story of a riddle that confounded the world / Simon Singh
QA244.S56 1998 Fermat's last theorem : the story of a riddle that confounded the world's greatest minds for 358 years / Simon Singh. / Singh, Simon.
QA276.C53 2005 The triumph of numbers : how counting shaped modern life / I. Bernard Cohen. / Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-
QA447.M357 1982 The fractal geometry of nature / Benoit B. Mandelbrot. / Mandelbrot, Benoit B.
44 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QA447.M357X Zome Geometry / George W. Hart, Henri Picciotto
QA466.L58 2002X The golden ratio : the story of phi, the extraordinary number of nature, art and beauty / Mario Livio. / Livio, Mario, 1945-
QA491.H63 1971X Shapes, Space, and Symmetry / Alan Holden
QA497.B4 Patterns in space [by] R. S. Beard. / Beard, Robert Stanley.
QA611.B26 Experiments in topology. / Barr, Stephen.
QA612.19.W56 2002X Four colours suffice : how the map problem was solved / Robin Wilson. / Wilson, Robin J.
QA612.O83 2007 The Poincare conjecture: in search of the shape of the universe / O Shea, Donald
QA614.86.M86 Indra / Mumford, David, 1937-
QA699.A115 2002 The annotated flatland : a romance of many dimensions / by Edwin A. Abbott ; introduction and notes by Ian Stewart. / Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926.
QA699.D48 The planiverse : computer contact with a two-dimensional world / A.K. Dewdney. / Dewdney, A. K.
QA802.W47X The origins of Modern Science / H. Butterfield, M.A.
QA2010/11.SAY South Africa yearbook / Jacob Zuma
QB35.C53 2007 The sun kings : the unexpected tragedy of Richard Carrington and the tale of how modern astronomy began / Stuart Clark. / Clark, Stuart (Stuart G.)
QB35.L36 2009 The Georgian star : how William and Caroline Herschel revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos / Michael D. Lemonick. / Lemonick, Michael D., 1953-
QB36.B8.C54 1999X On Tycho's island : Tycho Brahe, science, and culture in the sixteenth century / John Robert Christianson. / Christianson, J. R. (John Robert)
QB36.G2.S65 1999b Galileo / Sobel, Dava.
QB41.C763.V66 2006 Uncentering the Earth : Copernicus and The revolutions of the heavenly spheres / William T. Vollmann. / Vollmann, William T.
QB43.2.P33 1996 Chaos in the cosmos : the stunning complexity of the universe / Barry Parker. / Parker, Barry R.
QB44.C1X1 Listening to God / Joyce Hugget
QB44.H86 1955 Frontiers of astronomy. / Hoyle, Fred, Sir.
QB100.C1X What does a martian look like? / Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart. / Cohen, Jack S. (Jack Sidney), 1938-
QB225.S64 Longitude : the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time / Dava Sobel. / Sobel, Dava.
QB280.5.G37 2008 Flat earth : the history of an infamous idea / Christine Garwood. / Garwood, Christine.
QB400.M1X Yearbook of astronomy 2005 / Patrick Moore. / Moore, Patrick.
QB405.L675 2008 Titan unveiled : Saturn's mysterious moon explored / Ralph Lorenz and Jacqueline Mitton. / Lorenz, Ralph, 1969-
QB602.9.W45 2007 Is Pluto a planet? : a historical journey through the solar system / David A. Weintraub. / Weintraub, David A. (David Andrew), 1958-
QB641.M883 2002X Mapping Mars : science, imagination and the birth of a world / Oliver Morton. / Morton, Oliver.
QB843.B55.M45 The black hole at the center of our galaxy / Fulvio Melia. / Melia, Fulvio.
QB981.C565 2007 The never-ending days of being dead : dispatches from the frontline of science / Marcus Chown. / Chown, Marcus.
QB981.H377 1988 A brief history of time : from the big bang to black holes / Stephen W. Hawking ; introduction by Carl Sagan ; illustrations by Ron Miller. / Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
QB981.H377.S74 1992 A brief history of time : a reader's companion / Stephen Hawking
QB981.R367 2000X Just six numbers : the deep forces that shape the universe / Martin Rees. / Rees, Martin J., 1942-
QB981.R367 2000 Just six numbers : the deep forces that shape the universe / Martin Rees. / Rees, Martin J., 1942-
QB981.S5534 2006 The infinite cosmos : questions from the frontiers of cosmology / Joseph Silk. / Silk, Joseph, 1942-
QB981.S5534 2008 The infinite cosmos : questions from the frontiers of cosmology / Joseph Silk. / Silk, Joseph, 1942-
QB981.T8 The fabric of the heavens [by] Stephen Toulmin [and] June Goodfield. / Toulmin, Stephen, 1922-2009.
QB991.B54.A38 2005 Advances in astronomy : from the big bang to the solar system / editor : J.M.T. Thompson. / None
QB991.C92.S83 2007 Endless universe : beyond the Big Bang / Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok. / Steinhardt, Paul J.
QB991.C92.S83 2007 Endless universe : beyond the Big Bang / Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok. / Steinhardt, Paul J.
39 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QC6.4.C3.B8285 2002X Small world : uncovering nature / Buchanan, Mark.
QC6.B653X Young Einstein A novel of Einstein / Barry Parker
QC6.G6885 2011 The hidden reality : parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos / Brian Greene. / Greene, B. (Brian), 1963-
QC7.C67 The Newtonian revolution : with illustrations of the transformation of scientific ideas / Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-
QC16.A44.A45 2002 The saga of Professor F.K.A. Allotey : the African scientist / as told by Asie Mirekua Allotey. / Allotey, Asie Mirekua.
QC16.B457.B76 2007 J.D. Bernal : the sage of science / Andrew Brown. / Brown, Andrew, 1950 Aug. 12-
QC16.B658.H86 Light is a messenger : the life and science of William Lawrence Bragg / Graeme K. Hunter. / Hunter, Graeme K.
QC16.E5.E5157 2007 Einstein on politics : his private thoughts and public stands on nationalism, Zionism, war, peace, and the bomb / edited by David E. Rowe and Robert Schulmann. / None
QC16.F2.M67 2004X Michael Faraday and the electrical century / Iwan Morus. / Morus, Iwan Rhys, 1964-
QC16.F49.A37 1985X Surely You are Joking, Mr Feynman / Feynman, Richard Phillips.
QC16.F49X Surely You are Joking, Mr Feynman / Richard H. Feynman
QC16.F49 What do you care what other people think? : further adventures of a curious character / Richard P. Feynman as told to Ralph Leighton. / Feynman, Richard Phillips.
QC16.H33.M35 1992 Introducing Einstein / Joseph Schwartz and Michael McGinness
QC16.H33.M35 1995 Introducing Stephen Hawking / J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. / McEvoy, J. P. (Joseph P.)
QC16.K3.L56 2004X Degrees Kelvin : a tale of genius, invention and tragedy / David Lindley. / Lindley, David, 1956-
QC16.W48.A3 Geons, black holes, and quantum foam : a life in physics / Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911-
QC20.82.L413X Annual Research Report: Intelligent solutions for complex problems / Leibniz Association
QC24.5.A53 2010 The edge of physics : a journey to Earth / Ananthaswamy, Anil.
QC24.5.C47 2002X The universe next door : twelve mind-blowing ideas from the cutting edge of science / Marcus Chown. / Chown, Marcus.
QC24.5.C47 2014 Cracking the Particle Code of the Universe / John W. Moffat
QC24.5.L38 2005 A different universe : reinventing physics from the bottom down / Robert B. Laughlin. / Laughlin, Robert B.
QC39.B37X The Miniatom Project / Richard M. Weiner
QC39.b1X The constants of nature / John Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
QC75.K18 2008 Physics of the impossible : a scientific exploration into the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation, and time travel / Michio Kaku. / Kaku, Michio.
QC173.59.S65.B374 2000 The end of time : the next revolution in physics / Julian Barbour. / Barbour, Julian B.
QC173.59.S65.P76 From being to becoming : time and complexity in the physical sciences / Ilya Prigogine. / Prigogine, I. (Ilya)
QC173.98.G75 1984 In search of Schrèodinger's cat : quantum physics and reality / John Gribbin. / Gribbin, John R.
QC173.98.M37 1996 Introducing quantum theory / J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. / McEvoy, J. P. (Joseph P.)
QC173.585.C74 2006 Einstein / Crelinsten, Jeffrey.
QC174.12.H39X The state of the Universe: A primer in Modern Cosmology / Pedro G. Ferreira
QC174.12.L57 2006 Programming the universe : a quantum computer scientist takes on the cosmos / Seth Lloyd. / Lloyd, Seth, 1960-
QC174.12.L57 2007 Programming the universe: A quantum computer scientist takes on the cosmos / Lloyd, Seth
QC174.17.J1X A shortcut through time : the path to a quantum computer / George Johnson. / Johnson, George, 1952 Jan. 20-
QC495.C75X Lenins Laureate: Zhore Alferov / Paul R. Josephson
QC522.B64 2005 Electric universe : the shocking true story of electricity / David Bodanis. / Bodanis, David.
QC773.3.U5.Y68 2009 The bomb : a new history / Stephen M. Younger. / Younger, Stephen Michael, 1951-
QC773.A1.A28 2009 Uranium wars : the scientific rivalry that created the nuclear age / Amir D. Aczel. / Aczel, Amir D.
QC774.G45.A3 1994 The quark and the jaguar : adventures in the simple and the complex / Murray Gell-Mann. / Gell-Mann, Murray.
QC778.H5 Tracking down particles. / Hill, R. D. (Robert Dickson), 1913-
QC789.DCX Our coast for life / Karey Evett
QC793.5.Q252.A15 2003 Feynmans Rainbow: A Serach for Beauty in Physics and in Life / Leonard Mlodinow
QC793.5.Q2522.F7413 1983 Quarks : the stuff of matter / Harald Fritzsch. / Fritzsch, Harald, 1943-
QC794.6.S85.K57X1 Superstring Theory: The DNA of Reality, Part 1 of 2 / Professor S. James Gates
43 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QC794.6.S85.W65 2006 Not even wrong : the failure of string theory and the search for unity in physical law / Peter Woit
QC981.8.C5.A295 Adapt or die : the science, politics and economics of climate change / edited by Kendra Okonski. /
QC981.8.C5.B738X Fixing Climate: The Story of Climate Science - And How To Stop Global Warming / Kunzig, Robert and Broecker, Wallace
QC981.8.C5.F345 2006 Fairness in adaptation to climate change / edited by W. Neil Adger ... [et al.]. / None
QC981.8.C5.S939 2007X The Chilling Stars: A Cosmic View of Climate Change / Svensmark, Henrik and Calder, Nigel
QC981.8.C5.S9378 2007 Surviving climate change : the struggle to avert global catastrophe / edited by David Cromwell and Mark Levene. / None
QC981.8.G56.G493 2007 The low-carbon diet / Polly Ghazi and Rachel Lewis. / Ghazi, Polly.
QC981.A353.C58X Cleaner production and consumption : challenges and opportunities in East and southern Africa / ,
QD22.C8.D97 Curie / Sarah Dry ; with an essay by Sabine Seifert. / Dry, Sarah.
QD22.C8.G56X Obsessive genius : the inner world of Marie Curie / Barbara Goldsmith. / Goldsmith, Barbara.
QD22.C8.G56 Obsessive genius : the inner world of Marie Curie / Barbara Goldsmith. / Goldsmith, Barbara.
QD431.T336 2003 Nature's robots : a history of proteins / Charles Tanford & Jacqueline Reynolds. / Tanford, Charles, 1921-
QE48.I793.I884 2010 Per una storia della geofisica italiana : la nascita dell / Foresta Martin, F. (Franco)
QE508.L48 The dating game : one man / Lewis, Cherry, 1947-
QE721.2.A7.G43 2000 Afrique du Sud / Jon Murray and Jeff Williams
QE721.2.A7.G43 Afrique, le Choix de la Scince:Example de linitiative AIMS / Vincent Rivasseau
QE721.2.E97.H345 2004 Catastrophes and lesser calamities : the causes of mass extinctions / Tony Hallam. / Hallam, A. (Anthony), 1933-
QE770.P37 2003X In the blink of an eye : the cause of the most dramatic event in the history of life / Andrew Parker. / Parker, Andrew.
QE861.4.N675 2005 Dinosaurs / David Norman. / Norman, David, 1952-
QH31.V385.A3 2007 A life decoded : my genome, my life / J. Craig Venter. / Venter, J. Craig.
QH31.W34.A3 2007b Avoid boring people : lessons from a life in science / James D. Watson. / Watson, James D., 1928-
QH45.2.G68 2006 The richness of life : the essential Stephen Jay Gould / Stephen Jay Gould ; edited by Paul McGarr and Steven Rose ; with an introduction by Steven Rose. / Gould, Stephen Jay.
QH45.2.G68 2006 The richness of life : the essential Stephen Jay Gould / Stephen Jay Gould ; edited by Paul McGarr and Steven Rose ; with an introduction by Steven Rose. / Gould, Stephen Jay.
QH91.1.K37 2006 Sensuous seas : tales of a marine biologist / Eugene H. Kaplan ; drawings by Sandy Chichester Rivkin and Susan L. Kaplan. / Kaplan, Eugene H. (Eugene Herbert), 1932-
QH313.W55 1992 The diversity of life / Edward O. Wilson. / Wilson, Edward O.
QH325.C24 1990 Seven clues to the origin of life : a scientific detective story / A.G. Cairns-Smith. / Cairns-Smith, A. G. (Alexander Graham)
QH325.C24X The Orther Hand / Chris Cleave
QH325.C24 Seven clues to the origin of life : a scientific detective story / Cairns-Smith, A. G. (Alexander Graham)
QH325.D88 Origins of life / Dyson, Freeman J.
QH326.W53 2010 Comets and the origin of life / Janaki Wickramasinghe, Chandra Wickramasinghe, William Napier. / Wickramasinghe, Janaki.
QH327.R63 2010 Packing for Mars : the curious science of life in the void / Mary Roach. / Roach, Mary.
QH331.D1X The origin of life / Davies, P. C. W. (Paul Charles William), 1946-
QH331.G1X The Earth / Grayson, Anna.
QH331.L6885 2009 The vanishing face of gaia : a final warning / James Lovelock. / Lovelock, James, 1919-
QH331.L6885X The revenge of Gaia. Why the earth is fighting back - and how we can still save humanity / Lovelock, James
QH331.M55313 1972 Chance and necessity; an essay on the natural philosophy of modern biology. Translated from the French by Austryn Wainhouse. / Monod, Jacques.
QH331.S47 The splendid feast of reason / Singer, Seymour Jonathan, 1924-
QH365.D2 The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex / Charles Darwin ; with an introduction by James Moore and Adrian Desmond. / Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.
38 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QH366.2.D37 1987 The blind watchmaker ; why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design / Richard Dawkins ; [illustrations by Liz Pyle]. / Dawkins, Richard, 1941-
QH366.2.K57 2005 The plausibility of life : resolving Darwin's dilemma / Marc W. Kirschner and John C. Gerhart ; illustrated by John Norton. / Kirschner, Marc.
QH366.2.K58 2007 Living with Darwin : evolution, design, and the future of faith / Philip Kitcher. / Kitcher, Philip, 1947-
QH366.2.S43 2007 Scientists confront intelligent design and creationism / edited by Andrew J. Petto and Laurie R. Godfrey. / None
QH367.F55 Creative aspects of natural law. / Fisher, Ronald Aylmer, Sir, 1890-1962.
QH375.D376 1997 Climbing mount improbable / Richard Dawkins ; original drawings by Lalla Ward. / Dawkins, Richard, 1941-
QH375.H66 2002b Of moths and men : an evolutionary tale : intrigue, tragedy & the peppered moth / Judith Hooper. / Hooper, Judith.
QH429.D86 2005 The geneticist who played hoops with my DNA : --and other masterminds from the frontiers of biotech / David Ewing Duncan. / Duncan, David Ewing.
QH431.L475 2002X Genetic destinies / Peter Little. / Little, Peter, Ph.D.
QH431.P3157 Quest : the essence of humanity / Charles Pasternak. / Pasternak, Charles A. (Charles Alexander)
QH431.S67 2003x Your genes unzipped : a guide to how your genetic inheritance can shape your life / Tim Spector. / Spector, T. D. (Timothy D.)
QH450.2.W37 1998 The double helix : a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA / James D. Watson. / Watson, James D., 1928-
QH456.G58X Mismatch: The lifestyle diseases timebomb / Peter Gluckman, Mark Hanson
QH541.5.C7.J66 2007 Coral : a pessimist in paradise / Steve Jones. / Jones, Steve, 1944-
QH548.W25 Liaisons of life : from hornworts to hippos, how the unassuming microbe has driven evolution / Tom Wakeford. / Wakeford, Tom.
QH588.S83.F69 2007 Cell of cells : the global race to capture and control the stem cell / Cynthia Fox. / Fox, Cynthia.
QL430.2.W55 2010 Kraken : the curious, exciting and slightly disturbing science of squid / by Wendy Williams. / Williams, Wendy, 1950-
QL692.A435.S5653 2002 Sasol birds of Southern Africa : the region's most comprehensively illustrated guide / Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, Warwick Tarboton. / Sinclair, Ian, 1948-
QL737.C432.W48 2007 In defense of dolphins : the new moral frontier / Thomas I. White. / White, Thomas I.
QL751.C8825 2005 Headless males make great lovers : & other unusual natural histories / Marty Crump ; with illustrations by Alan Crump. / Crump, Martha L.
QL756.H357 2007X Animal Pharm: One man s struggle to discover the truth about Mad Cow Disease and variant CJD / Purdey, Mark
QL756.H357X Animal Farm / George Orwell
QP1.5.M38X Right hand, left hand : the origins of asymmetry in brains, bodies, atoms, and cultures / McManus, I. C.
QP3.R66X The making of memory : from molecules to mind / Steven Rose. / Rose, Steven P. R. (Steven Peter Russell), 1938-
QP31.2.S37X The Giraffe / Judith Schalasky
QP385.5.M38 2002X Right hand, left hand : the origins of asymmetry in brains, bodies, atoms and cultures / Chris McManus. / McManus, I. C.
QP408.W64 2008 Proust and the squid : the story and science of the reading brain / Maryanne Wolf
QP411.E346 2004 Wider than the sky : the phenomenal gift of consciousness / Gerald M. Edelman. / Edelman, Gerald M.
QR201.L88.K37 2000 Biography of a germ / Arno Karlen. / Karlen, Arno.
RA643.86.A35.E674 2007 The invisible cure : Africa, the West, and the fight against AIDS / Helen Epstein. / Epstein, Helen, 1961-
RA643.86.S6.S66 2007 HIV in South Africa / Corinne Squire. / Squire, Corinne, 1958-
RA643.86.S6.S69 2008 Three-letter plague : a young man's journey through a great epidemic / Jonny Steinberg. / Steinberg, Jonny, 1970-
RB155.M59 2007 Survival of the sickest : a medical maverick discovers why we need disease / Sharon Moalem ; with Jonathan Prince. / Moalem, Sharon.
RC150.6.N8.D86 Hunting the 1918 flu : one scientist / Duncan, Kirsty.
34 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
RC268.25.D383 2007 The secret history of the war on cancer / Devra Davis. / Davis, Devra Lee.
RC339.52.K362.A3 2006 In search of memory : the emergence of a new science of mind / Eric R. Kandel. / Kandel, Eric R.
RD27.35.B368.H65 Scanty particulars : the life of Dr James Parry / Holmes, Rachel.
RJ399.C6.D358 2004 Our overweight children : what parents, schools, and communities can do to control the fatness epidemic / Sharron Dalton. / Dalton, Sharron.
RM171.M625 Blood and justice : the seventeenth-century Parisian doctor who made blood transfusion history / Pete Moore. / Moore, Pete, 1962-
RS122.K74 2004 Strong medicine : creating incentives for pharmaceutical research on neglected diseases / Michael Kremer and Rachel Glennerster. / Kremer, Michael, 1964-
S604.5.T84 2003 So shall we reap : how everyone who is liable to be born in the next ten thousand years could eat very well indeed; and why, in practice, our immediate descendants are likely to be in serious trouble / Colin Tudge. / Tudge, Colin.
SDC 79852 I let you go / Clare Mackintosh. / Mackintosh, Clare.
T14.5.P45 2014 Social physics : how good ideas spread-the lessons from a new science / Alex Pentland. / Pentland, Alex, 1952-
T15.L485 2006X How is it made/ Glass / Alan J. Paterson et al.
T15.L485 2006 How invention begins : echoes of old voices in the rise of new machines / John H. Lienhard. / Lienhard, John H., 1930-
T39.S78 2003 Backroom boys : the secret return of the British boffin / Francis Spufford. / Spufford, Francis, 1964-
T40.H355.L63 2010 The Hancocks of Marlborough : rubber, art and the industrial revolution : a family of inventive genius / John Loadman and Francis James. / Loadman, John.
T48.H84 The boys' book of how things are made. / Hunter, Leslie.
TA164.F74 2006X Pulse: How nature is inspiring the technology of the 21st century / Robert Frenay
TD171.K47 2007 This moment on Earth : today's new environmentalists and their vision for the future / John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry. / Kerry, John, 1943-
TJ175.D48 Motion geometry of mechanisms / E. A. Dijksman. / Dijksman, E. A.
TJ211.15.F54 1988 The tomorrow makers : a brave new world of living-brain machines / Grant Fjermedal. / Fjermedal, Grant.
TJ211.495.G88 2006 Almost human : making robots think / Lee Gutkind. / Gutkind, Lee.
TK5105.887.M67 2006X Cretaceous Dawn / L.M.Graziano and M.S.A. Graziano
TL515.G67 2002 Flight : 100 years of aviation / R.G. Grant. / Grant, R. G.
TL515.H22 2003 Taking flight : inventing the aerial age from antiquity through the First World War / Richard P. Hallion. / Hallion, Richard.
TL789.85.A75.H36 2005 First man : the life of Neil A. Armstrong / James R. Hansen. / Hansen, James R.
TP248.65.F66.R69 Dont Worry / Rowell, Andrew, 1965-
TP358.Z83 2007 Energy victory : winning the war on terror by breaking free of oil / Robert Zubrin. / Zubrin, Robert.
UB210.A778 2009X The storm of war, A new history of the second world war / Roberts, Andrew
UB250.N67 2008 Spies in the sky : surveillance satellites in war and peace / Pat Norris. / Norris, Pat.
UB251.U5.R53 The wizards of Langley : inside the CIA / Richelson, Jeffrey.
Z103.K28 1974 The codebreakers / David Kahn. / Kahn, David, 1930-
Z683.2.A35.I526 2003 Income generation : experiences from public library systems in eastern, central and southern Africa / Richard M. Atuti ... [et al.] ; edited by Anne Powell. / .