Classmark Title / Author
0DVD.A33.X The battle of Algiers / Gillo Pontecorvo
0DVD.A36.X Crash / Paul Haggis
0DVD.A37.X Endgame / William Hurt, Chiwetel EJIOFOR
0DVD.QC794.6.S85.G73X Ludwig Boltzmann, the genius of disorder / Enrico Agapito
QA36.A454 X Serajevo Journal of Mathematics / Harry I. Miller
QA36.A454 X Serajevo Journal of Mathematics / Harry I. Miller
QA401.2.A74y Mathematical Tools for Physics / Michael Grinfeld
QC631.J3X2 Electromathematics, Functions and Positions / A. J. Ross
QH323.5.M88X Mathematik fur Biology / Adolf Riede
QH366.2.K58X 2007 A Convergence of Lives / Sofia Kovalevskaia
A100.C1X Collins concise dictionary / None
A100.O94X The Oxford dictionary of idioms / None
A100.O867X The Oxford dictionary of current English / ?
A110.577 The Writers World Essays / Lynne Gaetz and Suneeti Phadke
A110.579 The Writers World Sentences and Essays / Lynne Gaetz and Suneeti Phadke
A110.B2X1 English in action / Marais et al.
A110.B2X3 Speak Xhosa with us / African voices
A110.C69X Oxford dictionary of phrasal verbs / Cowie, Anthony Paul.
A110.D1X Dynamic English. Grades 11 & 12, Learner / De Villiers, Gus.
A110.H1X English in context : grade 7 / Hendry, J. O. (John Owen), 1945-
A110.K58X Mathematical writing / Knuth, Donald Ervin, 1938-
A110.N4.S24 1999X Using newspapers in the classroom / Paul Sanderson. / Sanderson, Paul.
A110.S3X New headway English course. / Soars, Liz.
A110.S4X New Headway English Course / John and Liz Soars
A110.U7 1992X Five-minute activities : a resource book of short activities / Penny Ur, Andrew Wright ; with illustrations by Andrew Wright. / Ur, Penny.
A110.W75 1989X Pictures for language learning / Andrew Wright ; with drawings and photographs by the author. / Wright, Andrew, 1937-
A110.W546X Style : toward clarity and grace / Williams, Joseph M.
APP04CCT-02 Updated Air Quality Situation Assessment For The City of Cape Town / Yvonne Scorgie Raylene Watson
B818.N1X How to clone the perfect blonde : making fantasies come true with cutting-edge science / Nelson, Sue.
DT1927.F57.A3 1997 Ruth First / [compiled and edited by] D. Pinnock. / First, Ruth, 1925-1982.
E178.Z75 1999 A people / Zinn, Howard, 1922-
E178.Z75 2003bx A people / Zinn, Howard, 1922-
E457.905.K58 Abraham Lincoln / Norman Kolpas. / Kolpas, Norman.
GE149.S64X Crap at the environment / Watson, Mark
GE195.F676 2009 Beyond environmentalism : a philosophy of nature / Jeffrey E. Foss. / Foss, Jeffrey E., 1948-
GN360.R5X Never Alone / Daniel Chuunga
GN360.R5 Not by genes alone : how culture transformed human evolution / Peter J. Richerson and Robert Boyd. / Richerson, Peter J.
GN650.E35 1999 African fractals : modern computing and indigenous design / Ron Eglash. / Eglash, Ron, 1958-
HA29.H82 How to lie with statistics. Pictures by Irving Geis. / Huff, Darrell.
HC800.A5427 1998X Freedom TO Innovate / Calestous Juma and Ismail Serageldin
HD58.7.C488 1989 Christian business values in an intercultural environment / edited by Norlin Rueschhoff and Konrad Schaum. / None
HG106.C36X Financial mathematics : theory and problems for multi-period models / Andrea Pascucci, Wolfgang Runggaldier. / Andrea Pascucci, Wolfgang Runggaldier.
HG106.D838 2013 C# for financial markets / Daniel J. Duffy and Andrea Germani. / Duffy, Daniel J.
HG173.H583 2004 The Oxford guide to financial modeling : applications for capital markets, corporate finance, risk management, and financial institutions / Thomas S. Y. Ho, Sang Bin Lee. / Ho, Thomas S. Y.
HG173.H583 2004 The Oxford guide to financial modeling : applications for capital markets, corporate finance, risk management, and financial institutions / Thomas S. Y. Ho, Sang Bin Lee. / Ho, Thomas S. Y.
HG6024.A3.H85 Options, futures, and other derivatives / Hull, John, 1946-
HG6024.A3.J67 2003 The Concepts and practice of mathematical finance / Mark S. Joshi. / Joshi, M. S. (Mark Suresh), 1969-
HG6024.A3.J67 2003 The Concepts and practice of mathematical finance / Mark S. Joshi. / Joshi, M. S. (Mark Suresh), 1969-
HG6024.A3.R6777 2013 The Heston model and its extensions in Matlab and C# / Fabrice Douglas Rouah. / Rouah, Fabrice, 1964-
HG6024.A3.T38 2000 Pricing financial instruments : the finite difference method / Domingo Tavella, Curt Randall. / Tavella, Domingo, 1948-
HM585.B35 2004 Critical mass : how one thing leads to another / Philip Ball. / Ball, Philip, 1962-
JC585.M742 On liberty ; with The subjection of women ; and chapters on socialism / Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873.
K1401.GR 2009 Spin-outs: creating businesses from university intellectual property / Graham Richards
K3273.T67 The invention of the passport : surveillance, citizenship, and the state / Torpey, John C.
M1997.H477 1985 Heritage song book. / None
P100.W1X The picture of Dorian Gray ; The complete short stories, De profundis ; Poems ; The importance of being earnest and other plays / Oscar Wilde. / Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
P901.D613 1973 Voices in stone; the decipherment of ancient scripts and writings. Translated by Mervyn Savill. / Doblhofer, Ernst.
PE1106.S94 X The good grammar book with answers / Michael Swan and Catherine Walter
PE1628.O94 The Oxford paperback dictionary / editor, Elaine Pollard ; senior editor, Helen Liebeck. / Elaine Pollar
PG3482.8.U6756.Z2413 2004 Penguin lost / Andrey Kurkov ; translated from the Russian by George Bird. / Kurkov, Andreæi.
PN6162.H22 1996 The habits of seven highly annoying people / by the editors of Bad Dog Press ; [text, Tony Dierckins and Tim Nyberg]. / None
PN6737.M57.G57 2012 v.2 The girl with the dragon tattoo. Book 1 / by Denise Mina, Andrea Mutti, Leonardo Manco. / Mina, Denise.
PQ2037.A1.L1 v.1 Le rouge et le noir, tome I / Stendhal
PQ2037.A1.L1 v.2 Le rouge et le noir, tome II / Stendhal
PQ4809.A45.M313 1983 Marcovaldo, or, The seasons in the city / Italo Calvino ; translated from the Italian by William Weaver. / Calvino, Italo.
PQ8180.17.A73.C6813 1996 Chronicle of a death foretold / Gabriel Garcâia Mâarquez ; translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa. / Garcâia Mâarquez, Gabriel, 1928-
PR100.G1X Q is for quarry / Sue Grafton. / Grafton, Sue.
PR888.G1.A234 The Island / Hislop, Victoria
PR4034.P4 1993x Persuasion / Jane Austen. / Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.
PR4172.W7 1985 Wuthering Heights / Emily Brontèe. / Brontèe, Emily, 1818-1848.
PR5397.F73.F73 1995 Frankenstein : Mary Shelley / edited by Fred Botting. / None
PR5819.A1 The picture of Dorian Gray and selected stories / Oscar Wilde ; with a foreword by Gary Schmidgall ; revised and updated bibliography. / Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
PR6013.O35.L6 1954X The last child / Hart, John
PR6063.C4.I54 1998 The innocent : or the special relationship / Ian McEwan. / MacEwan, Ian, 1949-
PR6063.C219.C59 1980 The river between / Ngugi Wa Thiong
PR6063.C326.I5 In the company of cheerful ladies / Alexander McCall Smith. / McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
PR6069.T4588.F58 2001X Flatterland / Ian Stewart. / Stewart, Ian, 1945-
PR9369.3.N37.G44 Hymns Ancient and Modern New Standards (full music edition) / None
PR9369.3.S45.T6 1981 To every birth its blood / Mongane Serote. / Serote, Mongane Wally, 1944-
79 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
PS3554.E1755.T94 2005 The twelfth card : a Lincoln Rhyme novel / Jeffery Deaver. / Deaver, Jeffery.
PS3556.R3599.C6 Cold mountain : a novel / by Charles Frazier. / Frazier, Charles, 1950-
PS3557.R13.S15 2005 S is for silence / Sue Grafton. / Grafton, Sue.
PS3557.R5355.S86 2002b The summons / John Grisham. / Grisham, John.
PS3557.R37562.L4 2001 The letter of the law / Tim Green. / Green, Tim, 1963-
PS3568.O855.P67 2004 Portnoys Complaint / Philip Roth
PZ7.F82534 2004X Deep Jungle: Journey to the heart of the rain forest / Fred Pearce
PZ7.H3134.Ge 2007 Georges secret key to the universe / Hawking, Lucy.
Q172.5.S95.S744 2007 Why beauty is truth : a history of symmetry / Ian Stewart. / Stewart, Ian, 1945-
Q173.B55 Big questions in science / None
QA3.W67 1988 v.1 The World of mathematics : a small library of the literature of mathematics from A°h-mosâe the scribe to Albert Einstein / presented with commentaries and notes by James R. Newman. / None
QA7.M34466 1984 v.2 Mathematics : people, problems, results / edited by Douglas M. Campbell and John C. Higgins. / None
QA7.M34466 1984 v.3 Mathematics : people, problems, results / edited by Douglas M. Campbell and John C. Higgins. / None
QA8.4.R87 1993 Introduction to mathematical philosophy / by Bertrand Russell ; with a new introduction by John G. Slater. / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.
QA8.B New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures / None
QA9.8.H63 1999 Gèodel, Escher, Bach : an eternal golden braid / Douglas R. Hofstadter. / Hofstadter, Douglas R., 1945-
QA11.A1.S36X Mathematical Thinking / Christine Hopkins, Ingrid Mostert, Julia Anghileri
QA13.G Gandhi / Gandhi
QA29.T8.L43 2006 The man who knew too much : Alan Turing and the invention of the computer / David Leavitt. / Leavitt, David, 1961-
QA47.T7 no.1 Tables of the digamma and trigamma functions / Pairman, Eleanor.
QA47.T7 no. 2-3 v.2 On the construction of tables and on interpolation / Pearson, Karl, 1857-1936.
QA47.T7 no. 6 Smoothing / Rhodes, E. C. (Edmund Cecil)
QA76.71.CRF2 Creme Method de Francais / Massia Kaneman
QA76.73.C15.N86 Numerical recipes example book (C) / None
QA76.73.C153.D76 2013 Data structures and algorithms in C++ / Adam Drozdek. / Drozdek, Adam.
QA76.73.C153.H823 Schaum Programming with C++ / Hubbard, J. R. (John Rast), 1943-
QA76.73.P98.H485 2010 Python Algorithms : mastering basic algorithms in the python language / Magnus Lei Hetland. / Hetland, Magnus Lie.
QA76.73.P98X Sage Beginner / Craig Finch
QA76.76.H94.M875 2000 HTML and XHTML, the definitive guide / Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy. / Musciano, Chuck.
QA76.76.O63.B3685 2004 Linux pocket guide / Daniel J. Barrett. / Barrett, Daniel J.
QA76.76.O63.H3547 2005 Linux quick fix notebook / Peter Harrison. / Harrison, Peter.
QA141.B35 The book of nothing : vacuums, voids, and the latest ideas about the origins of the universe / Barrow, John D., 1952-
QA154.B42 1966a Algebraic structures: some aspects of group structure, by A. W. Bell. / Bell, A. W. (Alan William), 1929-
QA184.L396 1997 Linear algebra / Peter D. Lax. / Lax, Peter D.
QA241.I64X Investigations in mathematics / Lorraine Mottershead
QA267.5.S4.G5 The mathematical theory of context free languages. / Ginsburg, Seymour, 1927-
QA273.D455 2008 The unfinished game : Pascal, Fermat, and the seventeenth-century letter that made the world modern / Keith Devlin. / Devlin, Keith J.
QA273.F3712 v.1X1 Théorie des probablilités/ Traduction francaise / H. Ventsel
QA275.75.H37 2001X The elements of statistical learning : data mining, inference, and prediction : with 200 full-color illustrations / Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman. / Hastie, Trevor.
QA276.4.V1X An introduction to R : notes on R: a programming environment for data analysis and graphics, version 1.4.1 / W.N. Venables, D.M. Smith and the R Development Core Team. / Venables, W. N. (William N.)
QA276.C435 2005 Meta math! : the quest for omega / Gregory Chaitin. / Chaitin, Gregory J.
QA279.5.D37X The theory of probability / Lady Luck
QA297.S35X P- and hp- finite element methods : theory and applications in solid and fluid mechanics / Schwab, Ch. (Christoph)
QA300.H692 2003 Complex analysis / John M. Howie. / Howie, John M. (John Mackintosh)
QA303.A72 2000 Schaum Outline of Advanced Calculus / Arangno, Deborah C.
QA303.S882527 1999 Calculus : early transcendentals / James Stewart. / Stewart, James, 1941-
QA316.C47X Fluid structure interaction II / Hans-Joachim Bungartz.
QA320.B24 Functional analysis [by] George Bachman and Lawrence Narici. / Bachman, George, 1929-
QA320.M4213 Introduction to functional analysis / Meise, Reinhold, 1945-
QA320.P79 Basic methods of linear functional analysis [by] J. D. Pryce. / Pryce, John D. (John Derwent)
QA320.R5 1955X Functional analysis / Frigyes Riesz
QA403.5.D8313 2000 Fourier analysis / Javier Duoandikoetxea ; translated and revised by David Cruz-Uribe. / Duoandikoetxea Zuazo, Javier.
QA466.L58 2002 The golden ratio : the story of phi, the world / Livio, Mario, 1945-
QA471.O5X On Geometries related to Buildings / Rieuwert J. Blok
QA564.C688 1997 Ideals, varieties, and algorithms : an introduction to computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra : with 91 illustrations / David Cox, John Little, Donal O / Cox, David A.
QA564.W35 1978 Algebraic curves / Robert J. Walker. / Walker, Robert John, 1909-
QA565.L68 Algebraic geometry and arithmetic curves / Liu, Qing, 1963-
QA567.2.E44.M38 Elliptic curves : function theory, geometry, arithmetic / McKean, Henry.
QA611.G5 Rings of continuous functions, by Leonard Gillman and Meyer Jerison. / Gillman, Leonard.
QA611.M55 Morse theory / Milnor, John Willard, 1931-
QA611.M82 Topology; a first course [by] James R. Munkres. / Munkres, James R., 1930-
QA611.M82 Topology; a first course [by] James R. Munkres. / Munkres, James R., 1930-
QA911.W675 2009 Understanding fluid flow / Grae Worster. / Worster, M. G.
QC16.E5.I76 2007 Einstein : his life and universe / Walter Isaacson. / Isaacson, Walter.
QC16.F49.G55 1993 Genius : the life and science of Richard Feynman / James Gleick. / Gleick, James.
QC174.12.H39 2001 The universe in a nutshell / Stephen Hawking. / Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
66 books on this shelf
Classmark Title / Author
QC311.M6 Thermal physics. / Morse, Philip McCord, 1903-
QC794.6.G7.H385 2010 The grand design / Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. / Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)
QC794.6.S85.K57X2 Superstring Theory: The DNA of Reality, Part 2 of 2 / Professor S. James Gates
QC794.6.S85.W65 2006 Not even wrong : the failure of string theory and the search for unity in physical law / Peter Woit. / Woit, Peter.
QE721.2.S7.G44X Deep time: Cladistics, the revolution in evolution / Gee, Henry
QH366.D1X The ancestor / Dawkins, Richard, 1941-
QH437.D38 1989 The selfish gene / Richard Dawkins. / Dawkins, Richard, 1941-
QL756.H357 2007 Built by animals : the natural history of animal architecture / Mike Hansell. / Hansell, Michael H. (Michael Henry), 1940-
QP376.F686 2007 Making up the mind : how the brain creates our mental world / Chris Frith. / Frith, Christopher D.
QP376.L96 2008 Big brain : the origins and future of human intelligence / Gary Lynch and Richard Granger. / Lynch, Gary.
QP475.5.I54X The eye: A natural history / Simon Ings
RA781.R62 1995 Fitness Hollywood : the trainer to the stars shares her body-shaping secrets / Keli Roberts. / Roberts, Keli, 1961-
TA16.H35 The Roman engineers / Hamey, L. A., 1918-
TK5105.888.M1 MODx Web Development / Antano Solar John
TK5105.5725.D1 Time Management for System Administrators / Limoncelli, Thomas A.
TP245.P5.E47 2000X The shocking history of phosphorus : a biography of the devil / Emsley, John.
TR2008 Environmental Sustainability Indicators / Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa
VK543.A53 2003 The physics of sailing explained / Bryon D. Anderson. / Anderson, Bryon D.
VK543.A53 2003 The physics of sailing explained / Bryon D. Anderson. / Anderson, Bryon D.
Z116.A3.W5 Methods of book design : the practice of an industrial craft / Hugh Williamson. / Williamson, Hugh Albert Fordyce, 1918-
Z253.4.L38.G66 The LaTeX companion / Goossens, Michel.