Classmark Title / Author
HB615X The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses / Eric Ries
BF441.D3837 2000 New thinking for the new millennium / Edward de Bono. / De Bono, Edward, 1933-
BF637.S4.B79 2002 What should I do with my life? / Po Bronson. / Bronson, Po, 1964-
BH301.N3.B37 2005 The artful universe expanded / John D. Barrow. / Barrow, John D., 1952-
GV1439.W35.A3 2007X The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Pertformance / Josh Waitzkin
HF1419.5.S75 2004X The roaring nineties : seeds of destruction / Joseph E. Stiglitz
HF1419.5.S75 2004X The Roaring Nineties : Seeds of Destruction / Joseph E. Stiglitz
HM846.S362 2015 Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world / Bruce Schneier. / Schneier, Bruce, 1963-
PE1460.W675 1989.PE1464X Good Word Guide: Answers Everyday Language Problems / Martin H. Manser
PZ7.C83157.Po 2005 The power of one / Bryce Courtenay. / Courtenay, Bryce, 1933-2012.
Q335.C375 1998 The Cambridge quintet : a work of scientific speculation / John L. Casti. / Casti, J. L.
Q335.W446 2015 What to think about machines that think : today's leading thinkers on the age of machine intelligence / edited by John Brockman. / None
QA76.73.C153.Y35 2001 C++ and object-oriented numeric computing for scientists and engineers / Daoqi Yang. / Yang, Daoqi.
QA76.87.E974 2016 ESANN 2016 : 24th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bruges, Belgium April 27-28-29, 2016. Proceedings. / European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence, and Machine Learning (24th : 2016 Bruges, Belgium)
QA331.7.P75 1990 Introduction to complex analysis / H.A. Priestley. / Priestley, H. A. (Hilary A.)
QA372.J58 Nonlinear ordinary differential equations / D. W. Jordan and P. Smith. / Jordan, D. W. (Dominic William)
QA699.A115 2002 The annotated flatland : a romance of many dimensions / by Edwin A. Abbott ; introduction and notes by Ian Stewart. / Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926.
QB149.A884 2015 Bayesian Methods for the Physical Sciences: Learning from Examples in Astronomy and Physics / Stefano Anderson and Brian Weaver
QB149.C48 2014 Statistical methods for astronomical data analysis / Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay, Tanuka Chattopadhyay. / Chattopadhyay, Asis Kumar, author.
QB351.C48 Principles of stellar dynamics, by S. Chandrasekhar ... / Chandrasekhar, S. (Subrahmanyan), 1910-1995.
QB857.5.E96.S65 2005 Galaxy formation and evolution / Hyron Spinrad. / Spinrad, Hyron, 1934-
QB857.P43 The large-scale structure of the universe / by P. J. E. Peebles. / Peebles, P. J. E. (Phillip James Edwin).
QC16.F49.A37 1985X Surely You are Joking, Mr Feynman / Feynman, Richard Phillips.
QC16.F49X Surely You are Joking, Mr Feynman / Richard H. Feynman
QC16.H33.M35 1992 Introducing Einstein / Joseph Schwartz and Michael McGinness
QC16.H33.M35 1995 Introducing Stephen Hawking / J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. / McEvoy, J. P. (Joseph P.)
QC173.6.V57 1995 Lorentzian wormholes : from Einstein to Hawking / Matt Visser. / Visser, Matt.
QC173.59.S65.P76 From being to becoming : time and complexity in the physical sciences / Ilya Prigogine. / Prigogine, I. (Ilya)
QC173.98.M37 1996 Introducing quantum theory / J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate ; edited by Richard Appignanesi. / McEvoy, J. P. (Joseph P.)
QC774.G45.A3 1994 The quark and the jaguar : adventures in the simple and the complex / Murray Gell-Mann. / Gell-Mann, Murray.
QC776.E8 The atomic nucleus. / Evans, Robley Dunglison, 1907-
QC793.5.Q252.A15 2003 Feynmans Rainbow: A Serach for Beauty in Physics and in Life / Leonard Mlodinow
QC794.6.S85.G74 1987 v.2 Superstring theory / Michael B. Green, John H. Schwarz, Edward Witten. / Green, M. (Michael B.)
QC794.6.S85.P65 1998 v.1 String theory / Joseph Polchinski. / Polchinski, Joseph Gerard.
QH430.O47 2004 Genes and DNA : a beginner's guide to genetics and its applications / Charlotte K. Omoto and Paul F. Lurquin. / Omoto, Charlotte K.
QL761.F67 2018 Ecological and Evolutionary Modelling / Cang Hui/Henintsoa Onivola Minoarivelo/Andriamihaja Ramanantoanina
QL761.F67 2018 Ecological and Evolutionary Modelling / Cang Hui/Henintsoa Onivola Minoarivelo/Andriamihaja Ramanantoanina
S604.5.T84 2003 So shall we reap : how everyone who is liable to be born in the next ten thousand years could eat very well indeed; and why, in practice, our immediate descendants are likely to be in serious trouble / Colin Tudge. / Tudge, Colin.
T14.5.P45 2014 Social physics : how good ideas spread-the lessons from a new science / Alex Pentland. / Pentland, Alex, 1952-